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Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Caleb was born HIV positive and his mother suffered from postpartum depression. She tried, but sometimes she couldn't get out of bed and do what was necessary to care for Caleb.

After 11 months, he wasn't getting food or the medication he needed to survive and grow. He became weaker and sicker. Caleb's mother, sick with HIV and severely depressed, abandoned her baby boy, leaving him outside alone.

Soon, his faint cries were heard by a woman passing by. She took the frail baby in her arms and carried him two hours to a rescue center for children. Open Arms Village was called to come and pick him up. He was literally skin and bones.

Caleb had to be fed through a tube for a long time and he couldn't digest food the way others would. His breathing had to be monitored 24 hours a day.

After Caleb came to Open Arms Village, he started receiving medication daily for his HIV. After only six months, he had made amazing progress! He could eat on his own. He could sit, he could walk, and he was keeping food down.

Today Caleb is a confident boy with a big smile. He knows what it means to grow in hard places! Abandoned, sick and almost starving to death, Caleb now has a beautiful future.

There are many children in Kenya that are in hard places and need your help to grow. Your gift will provide a place for them to flourish. Will you give today?

Kaytie Fiedler

Executive Director, Open Arms International US

URGENT UPDATE! A friend of Open Arms has offered a $5,000 CHALLENGE MATCH! Now is the time to DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT! Will you answer the call to be a child rescuer with us? You can give by clicking this link:

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