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Breakfast Club, Anyone?

The students were gathered around the flag for morning assembly. As they sang the school anthem, a little boy suddenly collapsed. 

His teachers rushed to pick him up and get him a glass of water. Was he sick?

No - he was hungry. He lives in the community and his last meal was yesterday's school lunch.

A young Kenyan child wearing her Open Arms Academy uniform reaches for a plate of rice and beans. She is at the front of the line, with many other children behind her.

This little boy isn't the only one struggling. Some community students at Open Arms Academy arrive at school so hungry, they barely make it through the first lesson. Often these children come from homes riddled with poverty and alcohol abuse.

"There is a sense of powerlessness that comes from being unable to help these children. In this context, we are their parents, we are all they have. And when we tell them everything is going to be okay, it is meant to be okay," says Teacher Caroline.

Will you step forward to feed these hungry children?

This year, Open Arms Academy has a goal to provide breakfast for 43 students every morning. But we need your help!

It takes just $11 per day to care for each child at Open Arms Village and Academy - including a hot, nutritious breakfast that will fill their tummies and jump-start their minds.

When the students heard the news about Breakfast Club, one child exclaimed, "I could not believe it when they told me I would be getting breakfast each morning. I feel stronger now and I can pay attention in class. Before, I felt like I needed to rest all day. I was too tired and hungry to do anything else. Asante sana!" (Thank you so much!)

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