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Baby Follow Up

Last week we shared about the urgent financial need Open Arms is facing due to saying "Yes!" to seven new babies since December. Your compassion and generosity is evident! Since announcing our Open Arms family goal of raising $28,105 to provide care for one year, you have given $9,905 toward this goal!

Women holding babies

Your giving has created a safe place for abandoned babies and we thank you! Open Arms has become recognized as the gold standard in infant and child care in Kenya. An abandoned or neglected baby's statistical odds of survival are greatly increased if they are placed in the care of our loving aunties at Open Arms Village. Under the watchful eye of Rachel Gallagher, co-founder/Kenyan director and an experienced pediatric ICU nurse, the little ones are nurtured and loved to health. 

All of this is impossible without the generosity of our Open Arms family. You are the reason Open Arms Village exists and you will be the reason we are able to continue to offer HOPE to the vulnerable.


Join us for a season of fasting and prayer through June 14th! 

Pray for:

  • A spirit of joy to be released over Open Arms Village.

  • Outpouring of financial support for the children

  • Peace and wisdom for house parents who are shaping the lives of future, Godly Kenyan leaders 

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