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Answered Prayer

Updated: May 10, 2022

Last week 25 of our eighth graders took their national exams! A huge thank you to everyone who prayed for them and sent notes of encouragement.

Before the week began, the Open Arms Church at the Village welcomed the community for a day of prayer in honor of each student and their family. We sang songs of praise, heard messages of encouragement and thankfulness, and circled the students to pray over them.

As Rachel closed the speeches, she reminded the students, “You have a sea of saints [in this room and all over the world] behind you - praying for you.”

And your prayers were answered! Not only did the children feel prepared for their exams, but God moved powerfully in every detail.

It's been very rainy in Kenya lately. The school hall where the kids are taking their exams has several holes in the roof, and our teachers were concerned that the desks would get too wet to take tests on. They prayed for the rain to stay away, but that night, it rained harder than ever.

When they got to school the next morning, they went immediately to the hall, afraid of what they would find. The desks were completely dry! There wasn't a drop of water on them, despite the heavy downpours. The kids were able to continue taking their tests without interruption. What an amazing answer to prayer!

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