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Andreea is no stranger to hard places. Growing up in a family with parents that have severe health issues, she knows the reality of extreme poverty.

Her father and mother both work as day laborers as much as they can, but being sick keeps them from regular employment.

Andreea began coming to Denisa Care Center this year. Her mother, who is illiterate, knew that she could not help her daughter with her homework.

In Romania, children have several hours of homework every day. If no one can help them at home, they are doomed to drop out of school and continue the cycle of poverty.

When Andreea first came to Denisa, she sat timidly in her desk, unable to speak when asked questions. She would even cry if the teacher spoke to her. But now, everything is different!

Andreea is learning to read and write. She has made friends at Denisa Care Center and understands that she is loved and safe. She now hugs her teachers every day! Andreea's future has changed because she now has a place to grow.

Her parents are still sick. Her family still suffers under the weight of extreme poverty. But Andreea has a place where she is being nurtured.

There are many other children just like Andreea in Romania. Many don't have enough food, health care, help with homework or words of encouragement. Many never hear about the love of Jesus.

Your gift will change that for more desperate children in Romania. Denisa Care Center is ready to expand and help more children in need. Will you give today?

Kaytie Fiedler

Executive Director, Open Arms International US

P.S. This is the final week! We have not yet raised $150, 000 to help children growing in hard places. You can help now by clicking this link to give:

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