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Adriana's Life Was Changed

Adriana was a very timid little girl when she came into the Denisa Care Center program at the age of nine. She didn't talk to anyone at first.

Eventually, she was brave enough to talk to Cami, the director of Denisa Care Center. Adriana confided in Cami that she believed she was very ugly.

Cami was shocked to hear that Adriana believed that about herself. She was a beautiful little girl with curly hair and big eyes. Someone had convinced Adriana that she was ugly and her beliefs about herself were obvious. She never combed her hair, never smiled, and didn’t try to make friends.

From the day she confided in Cami, all the staff made an effort to give Adriana the reassurance that she needed to gain confidence.

Gradually, Adriana became more and more attentive to her appearance. She started to make great progress in her school development and social skills.

Adriana was in the Denisa Care Center program for six years, completed high school and even graduated from college!

I don’t know where Adriana would be today if she hadn't encountered the love and encouragement that changed her life at Denisa.

Your kindness changes everything for these children and I am so grateful for you!

God bless you!

Kaytie Fiedler

Executive Director, Open Arms International US

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