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Abel's Story

Abel has grown up fast to survive the harsh reality of his life. At home, he cares for his six-year-old brother and his two-year-old baby sister. His older brother ran away a few years ago, leaving them alone in a small mud hut with his alcoholic mother. "When she drinks, she is very violent," Abel said.

Abel sometimes misses school when his mother doesn't come home and he must care for his brother and sister. But school is the only place he regularly gets food to eat. His teacher once asked him if he had eaten. His answer? "Yes...two days ago."

Another teacher shared, "Abel is one of the brightest boys I have in my class! But he is going through a lot of hardship. I am scared for him. He once came to class on a Monday shaking because he only had a cup of black tea to drink through the whole weekend. I am glad he is at this school because we can help him."

Abel has an opportunity to be at Open Arms Academy, which means that he has a chance to fight for a better future! Open Arms social workers are closely monitoring his situation. And he has proven time and again that he will not give up on school. "I did not know that people could be kind to me like the people at this school. I will do my best to make it."

This is where you make a difference! Each child at Open Arms Village and Academy has a unique story of survival. And just like Abel, they desperately need someone to notice and care.

You change the life of kids like Abel when you give and when you pray.

Thank you for noticing and caring for children in terrible crisis around the world. Would you help today by donating here?


Kaytie Fiedler

Executive Director, Open Arms International US

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