Open Arms 2016 Highlights

Welcomed 17 new children to Open Arms Village. We now care for over 130 children!

Provided education to over 317 students.

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Fed 200-500 children every weekday, serving almost 100,000 meals. 

Completed Children's Home 7,8, and 9. Continued work on The Medical Resource Building. Built New Bakery.

Cared for almost 10,000 patients in rural medical clinics.

Shared the Good News of Jesus Christ. Over 1,300 people accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior!



Holistic Approach

Open Arms International (OAI) is not limited to an 'education program' or a 'feeding program.' OAI is holistic in its approach to reversing the effects of poverty in Eldoret, Kenya. Through our programs - feeding, education, residential care, women's mentoring, medical assistance, agriculture, sustainable practices, and Christian ministry - we operate to heal the whole person and act as a resource to the entire community. 


Open Arms International is immersed in the local community. Through our partnerships with neighbors, government officials, local charities, and key advocacy groups, we serve the community holistically. 

Sustainable Practices

As Open Arms Village becomes more self-sustaining through agricultural and business programs, it becomes less reliant upon external support, less vulnerable to changes in the economy and allows Open Arms to expand outreach. This model employs Kenyans and provides a model of stewardship for our children.

Family Home Model

Our Children’s Homes model the traditional Kenyan family, with Kenyan house parents and many of the staples of home life. The parents provide nurture, safety and structure and help the children maintain meaningful ties with culture and community.

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