At the Open Arms Village, a dream is beginning to come true! After almost two years of dreaming and praying, we are ecstatic to report that we are well underway with the construction of our Medical Resource Building (MRB)! One of our greatest challenges was finding the right people to spearhead the process of construction. We thank God that our team is now selected, and we truly believe God gave us amazing people to lead this project!

This MRB facility is very important for several reasons.  Some of you might remember the tragic story of our neighbor Steven. Steven fell ill about two years ago while he was away at school. A clinic diagnosed him with malaria when in fact he had contracted meningitis. This misdiagnosis cost Steven his life at the young age of 16. It brought his family, our neighbors, untold heartache. 

This tragedy broke our hearts and fueled our desire to help meet the huge medical needs in Eldoret.

The MRB will make a huge impact on our community as it will house the area's first permanent medical clinic. Our medical clinic will serve over 40,000 people who previously traveled long distances to receive substandard healthcare, or turned to witch doctors or harmful cult practices. 

When the MRB opens, members of our community will also be cared for with the message of God's love for them through Jesus. A vital focus will be prayer, which can lead to spiritual and even physical healing.  Praise Jesus for His provision!

Not only that, but it will be a huge blessing for our Village. We will finally have sufficient administration offices. For the last seven years, we have been using one of our children's homes for our offices. Once complete, we will move our offices into the MRB and open that home to accommodate 18 more children - children who are homeless, orphaned, or abused.  

Another exciting impact of the MRB will be the new jobs created.  Men and women in our community will be involved in the construction, and when the building is complete, we will need to hire medical staff. This will enable people living in our community to earn an income, provide food for their families, and change their livelihood. In addition, we will have many volunteers from other countries, including the US and UK, who have expertise in healthcare and want to bring hope and healing to Kenya.

We are extremely grateful to those who generously gave to the construction of the MRB. The fruitfulness of your kind hearts is beginning to manifest, and in no time you will be counting the blessings of your contributions - lives saved both physically and spiritually.  While we have not received all the funding needed to complete the project, we are well underway and remain confident of God's provision through those who support this sacred work. We pray that God will bless you in multiple and untold ways.

Please join us in prayer that the process of construction continues smoothly and perfectly to completion. Pray for those doing the building and for those managing the resources - that everyone involved works together in unity, and has the privilege of seeing the completed Medical Resource Building bring great glory to God.  Finally, pray that the health care we provide will prevent stories like Steven's and help our community live long and healthy lives, fulfilling God's purpose for them.