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At Open Arms, our hope is for every child in our care to get an excellent education and pursue their dreams. With the support of loving sponsors, kids are able to get an excellent education at school. But we know that having a good day of learning starts before arriving at school, it begins from the moment they wake up.


Unfortunately, many children’s families cannot provide them with everything they need. And we never want any child to have to go to school with an empty belly or a tattered uniform. So this year, through February on the Floor, we want to ensure kids are given the best start to their day.


Sign up to sleep on the floor for a night of your choice and receive your personalized fundraising page and fundraising guide.


We're excited to have you take part in our challenge!

Sign up will only take a couple of minutes, and once you're done we'll be in touch over email with some great resources that will help you with fundraising!

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This February we are challenging you to sleep on the floor for a night of your choice. Everyone’s challenge will be different and you can decide how difficult you want to make it. How long will you sleep on the floor? A week, all the weekends in February, one big Friday night as a group or class? Will you sleep on carpet, under a blanket or in a sleeping bag? You can choose how challenging you want to make it once you sign up. Every $155 raised will give a child the best start to their day for a year.



The challenge is open to any age and any fitness level. You can do it as an individual, a family or as part of a group whether from your school, church or company. You simply have to be prepared to have a night of uncomfortable sleep in order to be the reason one of the kids will have a better start to their day. To confirm this challenge is right for you, there is advice in our challenge guide which you will receive once you have signed up!


Signing up is very simple to do and we are here to support you through every step of your challenge.

  • Pick a night in February to sleep on the floor and sign up to the challenge. We'll send you a challenge guide and set up your personal online fundraising page.

  • Ask your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you.

  • Make sure you tell as many people as possible about your challenge before, during and after, whether on social media, by email or face to face. We'll even provide example social media posts to help you. 

When you've completed your challenge we'll send you a photo of the child and family who has benefited thanks to you taking on the challenge!



To help encourage people to sponsor you, they will be able to see on your fundraising page what the different elements will cost:

$6 can provide underwear

$12 can provide a backpack

$20 can provide books and stationary

$37 can provide a uniform

$80 can provide breakfast for a year

For every $155 you raise, you will give a child new underwear and uniforms. You will give them dignity and help them walk tall. Your donations will equip them with a new backpack and school resources so they are prepared to learn, and provide daily breakfast to ensure they have the energy to concentrate at school.

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