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Join Our Team 

Volunteer with OAI

As a non-profit, interns and volunteers are the life-blood of Open Arms International. We are always looking for people who are willing to join our team and make us better!


Open Volunteer Positions

Procurement Volunteer

3 - 5 hours

each week

  • Procure silent auction items, raffle items, and/or wine for events.

  • Work with OAI staff to reach out to donors and businesses.

  • Send thank you notes after receipt.

Prayer Volunteer

1 - 2 hours

each week

  • Recruit prayer warriors to pray from home.

  • Work with OAI Volunteer Coordinator to send bi-weekly updates to the entire prayer team

Event Sponsorship Team Member

1 - 2 hours

each week

  • Recruit table hosts, table sponsors, and church/corporate partners.

  • Work with OAI staff to prepare a list of potential partners.

  • Send letters and make calls to secure partners.

  • Send table host packets.

  • Send regular updates to partners.


1 - 3 hours

each week

  • Host a table at local galas, banquets, etc.

  • Host a small event at your house to meet OAI donors in your area. 

To apply, please email a cover letter and resume to

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