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"Jesus went throughout Galilee... preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people." - Matthew 4:23

In the photo above is Dr. Stacey Hatcher, a medical doctor/internist from Texas and the Chairman of the Board of Open Arms International US. Stacey regularly leads medical teams to Eldoret, Kenya and to the Open Arms Village.

We are getting very excited at the progress of the Medical Resource Building (MRB) in the Open Arms Village. We will have our very first permanent medical clinic for our community and for the Village completed in the first half of 2017 and officially open for business in the fall of next year.

Over the past ten years, Open Arms has conducted temporary mobile medical camps in and around the greater Eldoret area. This past August alone, in the Kipkaren slum, a medical team from the UK treated 3,500 people over a four-day period. The need for quality and dependable healthcare in Kenya is great. In addition to meeting this medical need, we always share God's love through Jesus with those who attend our medical camps.

When our MRB clinic opens we will continue to proclaim the gospel of God's Kingdom and His love for people through Jesus. We will do everything we can to save people physically, but we will also do everything we can to reach them spiritually; when the day comes and their bodies give out, they will be alive with Jesus in heaven.

Your gifts to Open Arms are changing lives every day and in every way. When our MRB opens, thousands of lives will be touched and changed with God's healing hands through doctors and through Jesus.

Please consider a gift to Open Arms today. We can't do this without you and we need your support more now than ever before.

Open Arms is focused on preserving life and sharing abundant life through Jesus Christ. 


David Gallagher
Co-founder, Open Arms International

The Countdown to #GivingTuesday Begins!

#Giving Tuesday - November 29th

This year, our #GivingTuesday campaign will benefit the programs operating in the Kambi Teso slum. Poverty runs rampant, leaving thousands who live there without life's basic necessities. Due to the extreme need in this area, Open Arms operates three outreach programs. We hope you will join us in providing 100,000 meals and 300 pairs of shoes to the children living in this poverty.  Below are stories from the Kambi Teso programs.

Open Arms Feeding Program

Nancy came to Open Arms feeding program in the slums malnourished and sick. Due to neglect, she rarely had anything to eat. Our staff tended to her needs diligently, and now Nancy is getting the nutrition she needs! Her health has improved tremendously, and we are excited to keep watching her progress.

Children at the Early Childhood Development Center

Halima, Ian and Rosa have not attended school before. Can you imagine their excitement for the first day of school?  A new uniform, shoes, book bag, school supplies- what an amazing gift from people who believe in them!  They want you to know how wonderful school is and how hard they are working to do a good job and make you proud! Thank you!  

Lady in blue widow.JPG

Women's Mentoring

Because of you, the women's mentoring program has grown and empowered women to share help and hope.  The women in our Kambi Teso mentoring program recently decided to invest in their community. In addition to learning a trade skill to support their family and attending their classes and mentoring meetings, they have started up a visitation program for the local widows. What little they have, they want to share. This is how hope affects a community! Thank you for giving a contagious hope to the women of Kambi Teso.

Good Samaritans at Open Arms Medical Clinics

You might remember the story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37.  A man is robbed and beaten, left for dead on the road.  A good Samaritan - a passerby who was a complete stranger to the man who had been attacked - picked him up off the road, nursed him back to health, and provided for his needs while he recovered. 

In 2008, Stephen, who came to our Open Arms medical camp, was ambushed at night, attacked, and beaten mercilessly by a gang.  His attack left a gaping wound on his leg which has never healed.

Although our Good Samaritan doctors and nurses didn't find Stephen on the road, they did make an intentional decision to 'pass by' Kenya and Eldoret in order to put themselves right where people like Stephen needed help.  And although Stephen had to hobble on his badly injured leg to the medical camp himself, his Good Samaritans were there to receive him and treat his wound.

Stephen came to our medical clinic on three consecutive days getting wound care and dressing changes.  After eight long years, he is well on the road to a full recovery. 

Open Arms can only follow in the steps of the Good Samaritan and help people who are suffering if it has the resources to do so.  In the story in Luke, the Good Samaritan had the provision of oil and wine to treat the attacked man's wounds.

Open Arms may not use oil and wine to treat our patients' wounds, but we do need medicines, sutures, gauze, and ointments.  You may not 'pass by' Kenya yourself to work with us in a medical camp, but you can be part of our Good Samaritan team by helping to provide us with the things we need to relieve peoples' suffering. 

Will you consider a financial gift today as part of our team to help more people like Stephen?  Your gift will help ensure that more people won't suffer any longer than they have to without proper and appropriate medical treatment.  

An Inspiring Store from our Medical Camp

Meet Isaac

Any good parents would go to great lengths to stop their child from suffering.  That is why eight-year old Isaac Kiplimo's parents traveled over six miles to bring him to the Open Arms medical camp. Six miles might not seem like a long way to those of us in the Western world, but in a society where hardly anyone owns cars and one must get around on foot six miles is an enormous obstacle.  

Isaac was born prematurely in 2008 with five holes in his heart. He also has Down syndrome and is autistic. He has suffered from his physical conditions and from inadequate medical care his entire life. To this day, he cannot walk and can only say a few words. He is unable to feed himself and relies entirely on his mom and dad for survival.  His parents love their little boy beyond words and call him their miracle baby because they lost two other children before he was born.

When Isaac's parents heard about the Open Arms medical camp, Isaac was having difficulty swallowing and was having stomach problems. The Open Arms medical staff diagnosed Isaac with tonsillitis and H. pylori. H. pylori is a bacteria that can cause stomach problems, such as pain, bloating, and ulcers. 

The Open Arms medical team was able to treat and help Isaac with his tonsillitis and his H. pylori infection. In addition to this, Rachel Gallagher was able to coach and offer some help to Isaac's parents on how to raise a special-needs child like Isaac. She was also able to refer his parents to a school nearby that works specifically with children like Isaac to make their lives much, much better.

We can't fix all of Isaac's problems, but with your help we can certainly treat some of them and help him to have a better quality of life.

Would you please consider a gift today? 

YOU can bring relief to more children just like Isaac!

What's new from Open Arms Village

By supporting Open Arms International, you are transforming lives! Your support has built and operates several programs in the Kambi Teso slum, where thousands live in poverty. The need is great in Kambi Teso, and together, we brings vital services to this area - healthcare resources, food, water, and education. We're so excited to report on what has been happening in last few months! 

Our trained staff is very attentive to hundreds of Kambi Teso children, ensuring that they catch and treat illnesses. Earlier this year, several children were affected by an outbreak of malaria and scabies. Thankfully, because these precious children attend our feeding program, the diseases were caught and treated quickly.  
Sharon is a young  8-year-old girl living in the Kambi Teso slum. She is the second oldest born of four siblings. She started coming to our feeding program several months ago, but was not attending school. Recently, we enrolled her in the Early Childhood Development Center (ECD)! Our teachers assessed Sharon and placed her in Top Class. Although she started school late, she has quickly caught up with the rest of the class and her teachers are very proud of her. 

We have also invested in the ladies who attend the weekly women's mentoring meetings. We have several training classes for knitting, tailoring, and hair styling. They have achieved so much and we are thrilled to tell one of their stories! 

Irene started coming to our mentoring meetings because she has four children in the Open Arms feeding program. Irene was one of several women interested in learning tailoring but did not have a sewing machine to practice.  Thanks be to God!  One machine was donated and Open Arms International bought two additional machines. In addition, Open Arms offered an initial loan of 10,000 shillings ($100) to buy the materials. Now Irene earns a living by tailoring and selling petticoats and uniforms.

Irene is hopeful that in the future her hard work will provide a stable source of income which she can use to support her family. Irene is so thankful for the opportunity given to her by your generous support!

Thank you for rescuing orphaned and endangered children; feeding hundreds of hungry children every weekday; teaching single mothers a life skill so they can support their families; providing hundreds of jobs in an area that faces 65% unemployment; building a Medical Resource Building so thousands will have access to good healthcare; sharing the Gospel with thousands throughout the years. 

This is what your gifts to Open Arms International are accomplishing...Thank you for your continued partnership! 

Together, We Are Transforming Africa - One Life at a Time.

Training without Boarders

Our Village was recently blessed with a team from the Hillsboro Fire Department called Training Without Borders! It was one of the most unique teams we've had at our Village. Their goal was to train our students to stabilize, rescue and bring to safety, people who find themselves in crisis situations. 

Open Arms Village is located by the Kipkaren River. While this a beautiful location and can be a great place to relax or fish, it can also be treacherous if you aren't paying attention to your surroundings or footing.

In just two weeks, the Training Without Borders Team, trained a group of twelve students on rope and water rescue and industrial/auto extrication. They started learning with theory classes and then continued their learning through mock rescues. They practiced at a well, by the river, and at the waterfalls. The entire week was filled with enriching hands-on experiences. At the end of the training, all students received certificates for their hard work and success.

This type of training is vital to our entire community, since this area is prone to various kinds of accidents and incidents. Thanks to Training Without Borders, we now have a team of twelve students with rescue skills who will be able to help those in our Village and surrounding community who find themselves in crisis situations requiring rescue and immediate help.