The Countdown to #GivingTuesday Begins!

#Giving Tuesday - November 29th

This year, our #GivingTuesday campaign will benefit the programs operating in the Kambi Teso slum. Poverty runs rampant, leaving thousands who live there without life's basic necessities. Due to the extreme need in this area, Open Arms operates three outreach programs. We hope you will join us in providing 100,000 meals and 300 pairs of shoes to the children living in this poverty.  Below are stories from the Kambi Teso programs.

Open Arms Feeding Program

Nancy came to Open Arms feeding program in the slums malnourished and sick. Due to neglect, she rarely had anything to eat. Our staff tended to her needs diligently, and now Nancy is getting the nutrition she needs! Her health has improved tremendously, and we are excited to keep watching her progress.

Children at the Early Childhood Development Center

Halima, Ian and Rosa have not attended school before. Can you imagine their excitement for the first day of school?  A new uniform, shoes, book bag, school supplies- what an amazing gift from people who believe in them!  They want you to know how wonderful school is and how hard they are working to do a good job and make you proud! Thank you!  

Lady in blue widow.JPG

Women's Mentoring

Because of you, the women's mentoring program has grown and empowered women to share help and hope.  The women in our Kambi Teso mentoring program recently decided to invest in their community. In addition to learning a trade skill to support their family and attending their classes and mentoring meetings, they have started up a visitation program for the local widows. What little they have, they want to share. This is how hope affects a community! Thank you for giving a contagious hope to the women of Kambi Teso.