Good Samaritans at Open Arms Medical Clinics

You might remember the story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37.  A man is robbed and beaten, left for dead on the road.  A good Samaritan - a passerby who was a complete stranger to the man who had been attacked - picked him up off the road, nursed him back to health, and provided for his needs while he recovered. 

In 2008, Stephen, who came to our Open Arms medical camp, was ambushed at night, attacked, and beaten mercilessly by a gang.  His attack left a gaping wound on his leg which has never healed.

Although our Good Samaritan doctors and nurses didn't find Stephen on the road, they did make an intentional decision to 'pass by' Kenya and Eldoret in order to put themselves right where people like Stephen needed help.  And although Stephen had to hobble on his badly injured leg to the medical camp himself, his Good Samaritans were there to receive him and treat his wound.

Stephen came to our medical clinic on three consecutive days getting wound care and dressing changes.  After eight long years, he is well on the road to a full recovery. 

Open Arms can only follow in the steps of the Good Samaritan and help people who are suffering if it has the resources to do so.  In the story in Luke, the Good Samaritan had the provision of oil and wine to treat the attacked man's wounds.

Open Arms may not use oil and wine to treat our patients' wounds, but we do need medicines, sutures, gauze, and ointments.  You may not 'pass by' Kenya yourself to work with us in a medical camp, but you can be part of our Good Samaritan team by helping to provide us with the things we need to relieve peoples' suffering. 

Will you consider a financial gift today as part of our team to help more people like Stephen?  Your gift will help ensure that more people won't suffer any longer than they have to without proper and appropriate medical treatment.