You Saved Walter's Life

Your faithful partnership continues to relieve suffering through God's Word and deed. Recently, your gifts provided the Mlango community with a much needed medical clinic.

Due to the construction at Open Arms Village(OAV), the medical team held the latest medical clinic near OAV at the African Inland Church.

The medical team treated long-lasting injuries, infected wounds, and various ailments in over2,400 patients in 4 days. In addition, 220 individuals received salvation, and 36 patients were miraculously healed in the prayer tent!

Thank you for your part in this mission.

Walter Kirwa

 A life saved at Open Arms International's 2016 Medical Camp

In 2010, Walter was a good Samaritan assisting victims at the site of a car accident. Another vehicle, brakes failing, slammed into the already-wrecked cars and Walter; his leg suffered a serious break at the thigh. 

Walter underwent a surgery where a metal rod was placed in his leg. Unfortunately, the rod was too short, causing Walter to fall and break his leg again. Walter was told he needed a second surgery. Sadly, this second surgery also failed and an infection began in his leg. In 2012, the rod was removed, but his infection never left.

Walter was shopping for vegetables when he learned about Open Arms International's medical clinic. Four years after the infection had started in his leg - yes, four years - Walter came and was seen by the doctors and nurses who deeply wanted to help him.

The medical staff found that the leg was severely eaten away by infection. It was so destroyed that bare bone was showing. Staff and volunteers knew immediately that Walter needed serious medical treatment or he would die.

The team members, moved by Walter's condition,  agreed to collectively raise the funds to give Walter the care he needed - a surgery to save not only his leg, but his life. 

We are happy to report that since the medical camp, Walter has received the care he needed. According to our co-founder, Rachel Gallagher, "Walter's graft is taking well and his leg is healing quite nicely."

WAlter's Leg at the Medical Clinic | Walter's leg After Surgery | Walter's leg a few weeks post-surgery.

WAlter's Leg at the Medical Clinic | Walter's leg After Surgery | Walter's leg a few weeks post-surgery.