Fun in the Rain-forest of Kenya!

We love all the teams that come to Open Arms Village - without them we could never accomplish all that is needed for the Village and the community. Each team is unique in what it brings; all are very special to Open Arms International. Mission teams have provided medical ministry, Vacation Bible School and training for pastors. They have provided family conferences and training for our teachers. Most recently, a special team provided a youth retreat for our older students that live at the Open Arms Village.

Milestone Church from Keller, Texas organized and facilitated a three-day retreat for teens at the Rondo Retreat Center, near the Open Arms Village. The teenagers were in great anticipation of this retreat. In preparation, each was given a bag, a jacket, a Bible, flashlight and other personal items. During the retreat, they were taught how to deepen their relationship with God and with their peers. At the close of each day, all were allowed time to spend with God.

The Rondo Retreat Center is located within the Kakamega Rainforest. The teens had the opportunity to walk the paths and see a variety of wildlife. There was time for play and for worship during which the teens danced and sang to the Lord. At the close of the retreat, each young lady was given her own crown. The young men were given a "belt of truth." The retreat experience left all profoundly affected and looking forward to other retreats in the future.

Our thanks go to the Milestone Team for their hard and heart-felt labor. We appreciate the time, talent, and creativity that went into making a life-touching experience for the teens of Open Arms Village.