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Meet Isaac

Any good parents would go to great lengths to stop their child from suffering.  That is why eight-year old Isaac Kiplimo's parents traveled over six miles to bring him to the Open Arms medical camp. Six miles might not seem like a long way to those of us in the Western world, but in a society where hardly anyone owns cars and one must get around on foot six miles is an enormous obstacle.  

Isaac was born prematurely in 2008 with five holes in his heart. He also has Down syndrome and is autistic. He has suffered from his physical conditions and from inadequate medical care his entire life. To this day, he cannot walk and can only say a few words. He is unable to feed himself and relies entirely on his mom and dad for survival.  His parents love their little boy beyond words and call him their miracle baby because they lost two other children before he was born.

When Isaac's parents heard about the Open Arms medical camp, Isaac was having difficulty swallowing and was having stomach problems. The Open Arms medical staff diagnosed Isaac with tonsillitis and H. pylori. H. pylori is a bacteria that can cause stomach problems, such as pain, bloating, and ulcers. 

The Open Arms medical team was able to treat and help Isaac with his tonsillitis and his H. pylori infection. In addition to this, Rachel Gallagher was able to coach and offer some help to Isaac's parents on how to raise a special-needs child like Isaac. She was also able to refer his parents to a school nearby that works specifically with children like Isaac to make their lives much, much better.

We can't fix all of Isaac's problems, but with your help we can certainly treat some of them and help him to have a better quality of life.

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