What's new from Open Arms Village

By supporting Open Arms International, you are transforming lives! Your support has built and operates several programs in the Kambi Teso slum, where thousands live in poverty. The need is great in Kambi Teso, and together, we brings vital services to this area - healthcare resources, food, water, and education. We're so excited to report on what has been happening in last few months! 

Our trained staff is very attentive to hundreds of Kambi Teso children, ensuring that they catch and treat illnesses. Earlier this year, several children were affected by an outbreak of malaria and scabies. Thankfully, because these precious children attend our feeding program, the diseases were caught and treated quickly.  
Sharon is a young  8-year-old girl living in the Kambi Teso slum. She is the second oldest born of four siblings. She started coming to our feeding program several months ago, but was not attending school. Recently, we enrolled her in the Early Childhood Development Center (ECD)! Our teachers assessed Sharon and placed her in Top Class. Although she started school late, she has quickly caught up with the rest of the class and her teachers are very proud of her. 

We have also invested in the ladies who attend the weekly women's mentoring meetings. We have several training classes for knitting, tailoring, and hair styling. They have achieved so much and we are thrilled to tell one of their stories! 

Irene started coming to our mentoring meetings because she has four children in the Open Arms feeding program. Irene was one of several women interested in learning tailoring but did not have a sewing machine to practice.  Thanks be to God!  One machine was donated and Open Arms International bought two additional machines. In addition, Open Arms offered an initial loan of 10,000 shillings ($100) to buy the materials. Now Irene earns a living by tailoring and selling petticoats and uniforms.

Irene is hopeful that in the future her hard work will provide a stable source of income which she can use to support her family. Irene is so thankful for the opportunity given to her by your generous support!

Thank you for rescuing orphaned and endangered children; feeding hundreds of hungry children every weekday; teaching single mothers a life skill so they can support their families; providing hundreds of jobs in an area that faces 65% unemployment; building a Medical Resource Building so thousands will have access to good healthcare; sharing the Gospel with thousands throughout the years. 

This is what your gifts to Open Arms International are accomplishing...Thank you for your continued partnership! 

Together, We Are Transforming Africa - One Life at a Time.