Kambi Teso Times


Kambi Teso is a slum outside the city of Eldoret, Kenya. Poverty runs rampant, leaving the thousands who live there without life's basic necessities. Due to the extreme need in this area, Open Arms International operates three outreach programs: a feeding program, an early childhood educational program, and a women's mentoring program. Today, we want to give you a quick update on each one! 

Feeding Program

The number of children who attend our feeding program drops a little during the school session. When children are in school, they are less likely to come to our program. 

However, every December when the schools close for the year, our numbers can get very high. This year, we had over 300 children enrolled in our feeding program.

Early Childhood Education

We are so happy to report that we have 60 children in our Kambi Teso ECD (Early Childhood Development) program. Early Childhood Development consists of three classes - Baby Class, Middle Class, and Top Class. All three are required by law before a child can begin primary school. Before OAI opened our ECD school, there was no ECD or opportunity for hundreds of young children living in Kambi Teso to begin their education. Most would daily wander the streets with no alternative. 

We still need many sponsors for this program. By sponsoring the Kambi Teso ECD, you support the entire class - transforming lives! For only $27 a month, you can help a class of 20 children begin their education and end the cycle of poverty!

Women's Mentoring Program

When you give to the feeding program, you are also supporting the women's mentoring program.

The women in our mentoring program are all doing well. They have recently initiated a hairdressing project. They use internal resources to facilitate and train each other.

They have also been working on a tailoring project. It has been moving forward and they are now making and selling petticoats. 

Kambi Teso thanks you for your prayers and support!