Stories from our Medical Clinic

Our first medical camp of the year was a big success!

During the month of January, we had our first mission team and medical outreach of the year. The team was able to treat nearly 3,400 people in the Kambi Teso slum just 5 days. As they treated physical wounds, they were also able to address spiritual wounds as they shared the hope of Jesus! Praise the Lord for His remarkable work in the hearts and lives of so many! We have collected some of the stories from the team and want to thank you for your prayers and support.

"I had the privilege to care for the very last patient in the nursing station! This woman came in with a few blisters/small wounds on her feet from what looked like her shoes. I cleaned them up, put neosporin on them, and put some band-aids on. I gave her some band-aids and neosporin to take home. She was SO beyond happy and thankful for just that."  - Paige Bosch

"We have seen so many people inflicted with various diseases. Many who came to the nursing tent were acutely ill. They walk for miles and sit patiently while they are hurting and not feeling well. They manage to still smile!!! I'm humbled by what I'm experiencing. This is such hard work but I have never felt such a peace and purpose."  -Krista Collins