My Dear Friend and OAI Supporter, 

Happy New Year!  As I look back at 2015, I see God's faithfulness, grace and mercy in so many ways. His hand of blessing and provision has rested on His ministry through Open Arms International, and the byproducts of that blessing are many! It has been a busy season, and I havea lot to report.  

As most of you know, David and I stayed here at the Village for Christmas and New Year's to ensure that the children had a wonderful holiday. I love being here with the children at Christmas.  There were many moments of celebration - we received two more babies before Christmas!

Immanuel 12-18-15.jpg

We had many fun activities planned and each time I looked around at our 118 children, I became acutely aware that we have a lot of teenagers!  Our children are growing up so quickly, and your kindhearted support has been instrumental in shaping the adults that they are becoming. You can be proud of your faithful partnership!

Thank you for all you do!

I also want you to see the pictures of children's home 7 which should be completed this week! 

The construction is far superior to any home we have had in the past and we are thrilled. 

Home 7.JPG

Yesterday, we began training two new sets of house parents.  One set will replace Paul and Sarah Maswai in Amani home. Paul and Sarah will move to children's home 7, named Furaha -meaning Joy. They will parent 18 teenage boys who just  completed their right of passage. 

With the new homes, we will be able to go back to 18 children per home, instead of 20-21 most homes currently have. This will help our house parents, and help the homes run smoothly! Please pray that we experience a peaceful transition, as we purchase furniture for Furaha Home and finalize homes 8 and 9.