#GivingTuesday - Together, We Can Provide "Shoes that Grow" and Food for Hungry Children

Today is #GivingTuesday - a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. Last year, over 700,000 people combined efforts and raised over $116,000,000 across 70 countries. Will you partner with us today? 

For $15, you can supply a pair of "shoes that grow" that will last for up to 5 years. 
Your $100 gift will supply 6 pairs of shoes to children who will not have to suffer jigger infestation.

The cost of a meal to feed a hungry child is only .34! 
Your $25 gift will feed 73 children, a $75 gift will feed 220 children!


Kevin's Journey - Part 1

Kevin was a homeless orphan. Life on the street was hard. He worked when he could, hoping to find shelter each night. Daily, he foraged for food.

Kevin's life became more complicated when a jigger burrowed into the sole of his foot and laid its eggs, creating a festering sore. Infection spread throughout his foot and Kevin was in danger of losing it.

As his pain increased, Kevin could no longer walk and began crawling to get from place to place. He knew of no way to get help for himself and his hope for life waned along with his strength. Somehow, Kevin obtained prescription medicine and considered using it to end his life. Then, God sent Leah to him. She discovered what he was about to do and convinced him not to take his life. 

Though Leah tried conscientiously to treat Kevin's foot, it became worse. She heard that Open Arms International was holding a medical clinic in Kambi Teso, which was a few miles from her home in Kipkaren. She knew that she had to get Kevin to the clinic.

When he arrived, the medical team attended to him immediately, cleaning and dressing the wound. The medical team was very concerned for Kevin's prospects of recovery. They concluded that a surgical procedure would be necessary, yet funds for surgery were not available. Therefore, passing the hat amongst themselves, they collected the necessary funds needed for the procedure. Kevin's surgery was scheduled and performed successfully, right away.

Kevin needed a home as well as continuing medical care. Open Arms Village took him in as well as cared for his wounds. Today, he is fully recovered.

While it may not seem like much, a simple pair of shoes could have prevented Kevin from getting jiggers. There are many children in the slums of Kenya without shoes. They are vulnerable to cuts, scrapes...and jiggers like Kevin.

Please give a gift today to help us raise $38,500. When you do, you will be providing over 100,000 meals AND 300 pairs of shoes for the children who desperately need it! Thank you for partnering with us; together we can give HOPE to children who have none.