A Place of Love


If children are a gift from the Lord, then we are blessed beyond measure. Children are the gift that keeps giving when it comes to the Open Arms Village. 

If children are a reward from Him, then we must be doing something right because we are rewarded over and over when more babies come to our Baby Home.

Rachel and I never dreamed we would have babies in the Open Arms Village. We thought it would be easier to introduce children three years old and up into our Village. But when we got the phone calls within weeks of each other to take 29-day-old Belle and five-month-old Diana in as infants, we couldn't say "No." We heard God saying "Yes"...the rest is history!

The babies kept coming. Then a couple from the UK, Chris and Linda Richardson, learned that we needed a place to care for our babies, and they provided the funds to build our Baby Home. If that wasn't enough, when our capacity got stretched because of the number of babies, Grace Point Church in Tigard, Oregon, provided the resources to expand the Baby Home. We are at capacity with 15 babies - truly a blessing!

Momma Rachel is a wonderful Mommy to the babies in the Open Arms Village. She is a pediatric intensive care nurse for good reason - she loves babies and children, and they thrive under her care. Rachel makes sure the Baby Home has everything it needs to provide for our babies. When they get sick, she's right there to nurse them back to health. The Baby Home is the best place in the entire Open Arms Village!

Your donations to Open Arms International are so appreciated. Your support allows us to treat our children like the gifts and rewards from the Lord that they are. On behalf of the babies in our care who would otherwise not have a voice, thank you! This Thanksgiving, please know how thankful we are for you.

Thanking God for YOU this Thanksgiving,


David Gallagher
Co-founder, Open Arms International