An Aspiring Surgeon

A Medical Mission Story - Mwana

Mwana, a 100-year-old resident of the Kipkaren slum first met Open Arms International in 2014 at a medical clinic. This year, a large medical team from the United Kingdom was able to set up a clinic in Kipkaren again. 

Excited about the potential relief from chest pain and an eye problem, Mwana eagerly set out to attend the 2016 Kipkaren Medical Clinic. However, this year, she made sure to bring family and friends with her,  knowing they would receive high quality, compassionate care from Open Arms volunteers and staff.  

We were thrilled to treat Mwana and learn that people living in the Kipkaren slum value and look forward to OAI's assistance. She is very grateful for what Open Arms does for the community of Kipkaren.

Below you can view her interview with our staff member, Daniel:

A Child's perspective - Rachel working in the Medical Clinic

Helping at the medical clinic was interesting to me. I worked at the nursing station and learned a lot. There were many patients suffering from different illnesses - many of them were women and children. Some patients came to the clinics with severe wounds. On the first day, I didn't want to see any of it. On the second day, I wanted to leave the nursing station, but courage arose in me. I found myself going back to the same station because my heart hurt for these people. The largest lesson I learned during the clinic was the importance of maintaining high standards of hygiene, how to attend to an injured person, and above all I learned that if you want to be a doctor or a nurse you must be ready to serve. Surely, being a doctor is a calling, and not just a dream.

Rachael came to Open Arms Village in January 2009.  Orphaned at a young age, Rachel had been living with her elderly grandmother, who was unable to care for Rachel. At Open Arms Village, Rachel has grown up in a loving home with Kenyan parents. She has been given a  quality education, nutritious food and clean water, health care and medicine, and the joy of being safe and secure. Rachel wants to be a surgeon when she grows up.