Just 6 Months at Open Arms Village

A Note from our Executive Director

I just received this photo - the one on the right - and I just had to share.

This is three-year-old Duncan. Together, with his five-year-old brother Gracious and a stray dog, he was living in a hole in the side of a hill in a slum called Kambi Teso, near Eldoret, Kenya. Their parents are dead and they burrowed the hole to live in when they had to leave their house. That's where we found them and brought them to Open Arms Village this past spring. They were bloated with malnutrition and their bodies were full of parasites.

I think the picture of Duncan on the right says all that need be said. I am so grateful to God for the support that allows us to continue rescuing these precious children.

Thank you for all you do to Transform Africa, One Life At A Time!  Just in 2016, we've added over 15 children at Open Arms Village.  More rescued children means OAI needs additional sponsors. At this time, we need 55 sponsors to be at 90%. Will you help us? 

You can sponsor a child! 
Learn more here: www.openarmsinternational.org/sponsorship-application

You can share about your sponsorship experience with your friends and at your church. Learn more here: www.openarmsinternational.org/give-a-child-hope

Because People Matter to God,

Troy Ray
Executive Director

Teams in Kenya

We're very excited about our current team in Kenya. They are building an Aquaponic Fish Farm. Here is the most recent update: "We are making good progress on leveling and ground preparation. We will begin the metal fabrication and plumping by the end of the week. Tomorrow, we will bring in power and hopefully tap into the water line. Continue praying for favor and success, please. We have an amazing crew of both local workers and volunteers from Oregon. Together, we are making things happen!"