Open Arms International

Open Arms International actively works to relieve physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering.Through our programs - feeding, education, residential care, women's mentoring, medical assistance, agriculture, sustainable practices, and Christian ministry - we operate to heal the whole person and act as a resource to the entire community. 


Open Arms Village

Open Arms Village (OAV) is home to over 130 children, most of whom have been orphaned, abandoned, or removed from their homes due to neglect or abuse. The Village is located on 52 rural acres outside Eldoret, Kenya and serves as a hub for additional outreach.

Steps in Sustainability

Open Arms International is dedicated to taking steps in sustainability to reduce costs, act as good stewards, create jobs, and provide vocational training. At the Village, we have a shamba (garden), farm, posho mill (grinding mill), bakery, fish farm, and silo storage systems that reduces our loss of crops and are innovative to Kenya. 

Open Arms Academy

In January 2010, Open Arms Academy (OAA) opened to provide a quality Christian education for our children living at OAV. It started with just 33 students and provided only Pre-K through 5th grade.

Today, Open Arms Academy has over 250 students - both from Open Arms Village and the surrounding community - in Pre-K through 8th grade classes.

Kambi Teso

Kambi Teso is a slum outside the city of Eldoret. Poverty runs rampant, leaving the thousands who live there without life's basic necessities. Due to the extreme need in this area, Open Arms International operates three programs: Kambi Teso Feeding Program, Women's Mentoring, and an Early Childhood Development Center (ECD).

Medical Outreach

Medical clinics are an ongoing part of Open Arms' outreach to the Eldoret community since our first visit in 2002. Several times a year, we host medical clinics in areas where it is most needed. In Kenya, the vast majority of people lack access to basic health care.

In 2016, Open Arms International began construction on a permanent Medical Resource Building (MRB) that will serve our Village and the local community throughout the year.