See David Gallagher at New Hope Church (Clackamas, Oregon)

Join us this Sunday, June 25th, at New Hope Community Church (Happy Valley, OR) and hear Co-Founder David Gallagher share what God is doing in Eldoret, Kenya!
We'd love to see you there!
New Hope Community Church
Sunday, June 25th, 2017
Service Times: 9:30 and 11:00 a.m.

11731 SE Stevens Rd.  
Happy Valley, OR 97086

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Hope Through Healing

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In rural Kenya, it's rare to have access to consistent, quality medical care. In fact, there are fewer than 11 health care professionals for every 10,000 Kenyans, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). This means small wounds, diseases, and infections can quickly become big problems.

Duncan stayed at the Gallagher's home while he was being treated for pneumonia.

Duncan stayed at the Gallagher's home while he was being treated for pneumonia.

Meet Duncan

Duncan joined the Open Arms family with his brother Gracious last spring. Although both boys were extremely malnourished when they arrived, they quickly improved under the care of their new parents and Open Arms staff.

Last week, Duncan contracted pneumonia and became very sick, very fast.  Duncan was being treated by our on-site nurse and co-founder, Rachel Gallagher, but it soon became clear that he needed to be taken to the local hospital, where he spent two nights.

An Answered Prayer

Many of you joined us in praying for Duncan, who is now back home and recovering well. But stories like Duncan's remind us how important the Medical Resource Building (MRB) will be. When the MRB is finished, children like Duncan will be cared for by skilled medical professionals without leaving Open Arms Village.

Duncan in the hospital

Duncan in the hospital

Duncan back home at Open Arms Village

Duncan back home at Open Arms Village

Painting Crew

Painting Crew

The MRB is almost complete! A team from George Fox University (Newberg, OR) painted many of the rooms, and our staff will be moving into their new office space on the third floor soon.

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Learning to Fish

When Open Arms International invests in sustainable practices, your gift goes further and makes a larger impact! Just $9.04 a day provides healthy food and shelter to a child in need!

Lawrence teaching Martin,
Elisha, and Robert

Open Arms Village was blessed to have a team come and build a sustainable aquaponics fish farm and greenhouse.

This new system allows crops to grow six times faster than normal while also providing space for over 4,000 tilapia to mature!

The fish farm provides healthy, filling meals for 150 children who call Open Arms Village home, as well as The Kambi Teso Feeding Program, Open Arms Academy, AND team members visiting the Village. It also creates a surplus which OAI can sell to the community.

In addition, this fish farm also provides opportunities for our children to learn and receive vocational training

We are excited to share a video update with you from our fish farm! (see below)


You can partner with Open Arms today, knowing your gift is being stretched to provide as much as it can in Kenya. Just $9.04 a day provides healthy food and shelter to a child in need! How many days could you provide?

Join the 150 Challenge!

There are over 2.5 million orphaned and vulnerable children in Kenya right now. For 10 years, Open Arms champions have been rescuing these children from poverty through the life-changing power of child sponsorship. But the work is far from done!

Pamela and her twin brother Victor arrived at Open Arms Village in December. At 1 1/2 years old, they weighed only 13 pounds each.      


The Lord is moving in Kenya, and Open Arms Village is growing quickly!

We need 150 more sponsors to fully support the 150 children in our care.

Your sponsorship not only meets their physical needs - it also provides HOPE through a loving family and a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

We believe every child deserves to know that they are loved, both by you and by their Heavenly Father. That's why we're launching the 150 Challenge! Through this campaign, we will fully sponsor all 150 children living at Open Arms Village - allowing us to rescue more children, expand our community outreach programs, and bring more HOPE to Kenya. 



1. Become a child sponsor today! Just click here.

Bonus! For every child you sponsor, you'll receive a special Kenyan gift! Just include "150 Challenge" in the notes.

2. Share this need with your friends and family.

Send this blog on to others, host a small event in your home, or share the need with your church family. We have all the resources you need to spread the word!  For more information, connect with our Child Sponsorship Coordinator at: 


Join us in transforming Africa, one life at a time. 
Because HOPE changes everything!

Hope + Hugs = Transformed Lives

When you support Open Arms International, you are rescuing children from abuse and abandonment and placing them in the loving embrace of caring parentsWould you give today?

New Hope Community Team at the House Parent Retreat

New Hope Community Team at the
House Parent Retreat

Recently, a team from New Hope Community Church (Happy Valley, Oregon) volunteered at Open Arms Village and facilitated a house parent retreat.

Eight couples love and raise 150 children who call Open Arms Village their home. In addition to raising a large family, they also work full-time at Open Arms Academy, the fish farm, the bakery, the animal farm, the garden, a grinding mill, or hosting teams - all vital to keeping the Village running smoothly.

New Hope pastor, John Rosensteel, declared that each parent is his new hero.  He fondly remembers how astonished he was at each parents' eager heart to return to Open Arms Village, and their deep desire to hug and love their children. He said,

"As we approached the Village, the children began cheering and running to be embraced by their parents.  That's what Open Arms is about. It's a little piece of heaven on earth." 

Pastor John with his sponsored child, Ann, at Open Arms Village

Pastor John with his sponsored child, Ann, at Open Arms Village


John recorded this sweet reunion on his cell phone. You can see the joy and hear the laughter as the house parents arrived at the Village.

The embrace of a loving parent can change the world for a child. Just $9.04 provides a day of hope and safety.

Portland Good Friday Breakfast 2017

Thank you for joining us on Good Friday. We hope you were inspired and encouraged by Ken's story of God's restoration!  

Below is a video of Ken's presentation. We hope you will watch it again or share it with a friend who might be encouraged by his message.

Enjoy a quick message from our Title Sponsors

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Thrivent Financial is grateful to you for participating in the Portland Good Friday Breakfast and we thank Ken Calwell for sharing his inspiring story. May you feel God's power in your life and, until the Kingdom comes, may we all be good stewards of the blessings we have received in his name. 


Pearson Financial Group and Warner Pacific thank Open Arms International for blessing our community with another spiritually enriching Good Friday Breakfast, and for bringing Ken Caldwell to inspire us with his journey of faith, hope and life transforming renewal.

Thank You Sponsors!